Funny Faces

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This is my Kiss imitation (349kb) Yuck! Peas. (117kb) Big blue eyes (89kb) Huh? (86kb) Okay, get that flash out of my face. (81kb)
Drool rules. (71kb) Granny face (80kb) Yeah! (127kb) That damn camera again. (104kb) Hey grandpa! (79kb)
Nappy time (104kb) Snorrrrrrrrr (82kb) Ain't I cute (111kb) YAAAWWWWN (109kb) Beach queen (82kb)
Ah, crap (107kb) Dr. Evil impression. (51kb) Whoooo hoooo (47kb) Hmmmm, are these for me? (153kb) Hello, hello! (106kb)
Dadddy drools too! (86kb) Hey, I'm trapped here! (73kb) Hmmmm, this is a pretty good book. (73kb) I'm happy (59kb) Whoa! (56kb)
What's that? (53kb) Yo man, what's up? (57kb) Quit biting, Grandmama (59kb) Okay, that's enough of that. (66kb) Is it time to get up already? (71kb)
Yummmm, (55kb) It talks? (87kb) Whoa, bananas are cool. (89kb) More! (72kb) Come on, Ma, feed me! (76kb)
What are we doing again? (45kb)