Down the Coast

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Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach as seen from Ecola Point (46kb) Another view of Cannon Beach (36kb) Haystack Rock (25kb) Inland waterway (44kb) The Pacific looking south (34kb)
Coastal Waterfront looking out to sea (36kb) Coastal River looking inland (42kb) Brandon Beach (41kb) Cape Mears (49kb) Looking North on the Oregon Coast (48kb)
Coastal Wetlands (53kb) Kite Surgers (48kb) Yaquina Point Lighthouse (34kb) Hecata Point Lighthouse (36kb) Closer view (34kb)
Brandon Beach (33kb) On the beach (36kb) Rocky Shoreline (37kb) Coastal Flowers (95kb) Coastal Point (55kb)
Redwoods (93kb) Redwood Forest Trail (79kb) Naughty Tree (92kb) California coastline (32kb) Trinidad (36kb)
Trinidad Bay down at the beach (56kb) Boats in Trinidad Bay (39kb)