Oregon Country Fair 2005 Day 1

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Welcome to the Fair - 2005 Opening Day (69kb) Naughty Fairy (61kb) Painted Lady (54kb) The Fair is body friendly (60kb)
A lovely stiltwalker on the first day of fair (34kb) White seemed to be the theme for 2005 (41kb) Conversation in the Meadow (30kb) Another painted lady (56kb)
The one in the middle is shy (30kb) A fair painting (58kb) The juggling area (43kb) Colorful tents abound (39kb)
An original idea (67kb) It was a rainy day, so she was well watered (35kb) Art (51kb) May way for the cart (57kb)
Friendly folks (32kb) Fairies were resting everywhere (51kb) They were amazed at the attention they received (58kb) Fishing for a good man (88kb)
Colors (23kb) A very colorful young lady (69kb) What a lovely smile (33kb) The dragon of the fair (63kb)
Feathers galore (105kb) Head hunters (45kb) Crazy outfits could be seen everywhere (86kb) IMG_2510.jpg (87kb)
The Green Man and Mother Nature (47kb) Another view (45kb) Quite original outfits (89kb)