Oregon Country Fair 2005 Day 2

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A lovely young lady watches the gypsies dance (103kb) Gypsy Dancers (137kb) Nice tat! (68kb) Graceful lady (92kb)
Here comes a parade! (117kb) Jugglers! (147kb) Cheerleaders! (148kb) Stiltwalker (107kb)
Dancing to the beat of the drum pit. (108kb) Original art. (134kb) Veggie fun! (107kb) Uncle Sam joins the parade (173kb)
Getting painted (137kb) Finishing touches (84kb) Happy smile (139kb) Some of our friends. (152kb)
Posing with Tia (153kb) Garlands of rose buds (212kb) Parade music (109kb) Lots of costumes (158kb)
Happy Sam! (153kb) Candles (74kb) Details (104kb) Lovely ladies (155kb)
Her husband's getting his head painted (128kb) Let's do it again next year! (164kb) Interesting design. (65kb) We match! (90kb)
Friends (92kb) Okay ladies, smile! (181kb) Hog Waller band! (109kb) Bridgett gets painted. (115kb)
Two young lovelies (164kb) Okay girls, you look great! (182kb) Gabby gets her first face painting (110kb) Lucky ladies (182kb)
Nice smiles (184kb) Gabby in her garland (94kb) Colorful guy leading a parade (159kb) Dancing to the music (120kb)
Mother and daughter (159kb) Happy Dancer (144kb) Keeping the beat! (141kb) Adam and Eve? (132kb)
Gabby as a Fair Faery (144kb) Musical fun! (171kb) Colorful bubblers (136kb)