I Love a Parade

While visiting my hometown this summer, I got to attend a 4th of July parade. It really hasn't changed much from the days of my youth, and it's still great fun to watch. These small town parades are a celebration of American life and are very inclusive. Enjoy the photos.

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Waiting for the parade (103kb) Here's a group of patriotic bikers (91kb) Collecting for the troops (102kb) These girls were having fun just playing around (78kb) They just wanted to make funny faces (94kb)
Enthusiastically waiting for the parade (107kb) A lovely volunteer (65kb) Showing the flag (33kb) Supporting her heroe (90kb) Waiting in the heat (69kb)
Big equpment (94kb) The band (106kb) Modified for a ride on the roads (89kb) A confederate 4th (83kb) That's one way to keep cool (100kb)
Wetting the whistle (97kb) The police contingent (89kb) Douglasville's Finest (63kb) Honor guard (83kb) Everyone gets in on the fun (110kb)
Color guard (95kb) Rifle Team (63kb) Never too old for a parade (93kb) Unique designs (89kb) Two older veterans (59kb)
Classic Cop (95kb) Fairview Middle School Cheer Squad (99kb) Southern Belles (123kb) Civil War Cannon (118kb) Even the coroner is in the parade (113kb)
Nice car (93kb) I understand this gent is in the parade every year (77kb) This church had a great float (112kb) Showing the love (46kb) Passing out cold water to the parade watchers (126kb)
Lovely little paraders (77kb) A lovely judge (79kb) Not your stereotypical southern judge. (41kb) The local skating rink (115kb) Miss Douglasville (63kb)
Everyone has something to parade (102kb) Happy folks (78kb) Someone is a little bored (99kb) Vintage vehicles (106kb) Details (68kb)
Classic (92kb) Lovely ladies (74kb) The parade wave (59kb) More lovelies (57kb) Okay - now we have some enthusiasm (66kb)
Vintage Fire Truck (69kb) Everyone can parade in the south (86kb) Classic Design (97kb) A county commissioner (58kb) The Humane Society Rep (59kb)
Little beauties (73kb) She's happy (66kb) Another cutie (70kb) Miss Carroll County (one county to the west) (90kb) A cutie, but I don't think she's happy (69kb)
Horses are favorites (110kb) Festive rider (102kb) Southern cowboys (117kb) Horse and buggies still make the parade (119kb) A stage coach (105kb)