Roadtrip Vignettes

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Against the sky, atop the dunes of the Oregon Coast (126kb) Yaquina Head Lighthouse (115kb) Heceta Lighthouse (127kb) Coastal Vegetation (212kb) Bandon Beach (180kb)
Shadows of Bandon (138kb) Part of an shipwreck (155kb) Int the Redwood Forest (207kb) Redwood Trail (142kb) Posing in an ancient forest (218kb)
The trails (211kb) Interesting growth, don't you think? (208kb) Super woman (294kb) Tioga Bay Lighthouse (149kb) Tioga Bay (171kb)
Yosemite Veiwpoint (137kb) Halfdome in the distance (168kb) Posing with Halfdome (130kb) At Glacier Point (119kb) Mountain Stream in Tioga Pass (172kb)
The ghost town at Bodie, CA (125kb) On the way to Death Valley (163kb) Well, we had to pose at the sign (144kb) At Stovepipe Wells (175kb) Stovepipe Wells Motel (146kb)
The Dunes of Death Valley (117kb) Badwater - Lowest place in the US (186kb) Golden Canyon near sunset (135kb) More of Golden Canyon (104kb) Vegas (142kb)
Dancing on the stage at Coyote Ugly (150kb) Mindy and Todd outside the hotel (134kb) Nice View (165kb) Big fountains in Vegas (145kb) Hiking the Vegas Trail, drinks in hand (170kb)
roadtrip36.jpg (147kb) Waiting to Bungy Jump (137kb) Welcome to Utah (198kb) At the Grand Canyon (147kb) On the Transept Trail (208kb)
Hiking the Grand Canyon (223kb) What a view (182kb) Looking toward the South Rim (133kb) Hiker Girl (174kb) Down the Kaibab trail (174kb)
Whew, it's hot (145kb) The Supai Tunnel on the Kaibab Trail (136kb) Finding shade on the hike back up. (180kb) Headed toward Bryce Canyon (1,124kb) Overlooking Bryce Canyon (148kb)
Hoodoos (190kb) Coming into Zion National Park (185kb) Hiking Zioin (148kb) On the trail to the Narrows (133kb) The Narrows (274kb)
Hiking up to Emerald Pools (126kb) Whew, the feet hurt after a long hike (145kb) Looking up at the water falling from the cliff (161kb) Kodak State Park (167kb) Amusing roadside attraction (196kb)
Idaho Falls, Idaho (133kb) By the falls (145kb) Twenty-five years later - replicated pose. (148kb) With the temple in the background (94kb) Yellowstone (128kb)
More yellowstone (175kb)