Waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge

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Vista House at Crown Point - Overlooks the Gorge (124kb) Latourell Falls from the path (339kb) Latourell Falls (270kb) Base of Latourell Falls (200kb) You can walk right up to the bottom of the falls (232kb)
Latourell Pool (177kb) Looking from downstream (314kb) The scene from the other side of the bridge (253kb) Under the National Historic Highway (257kb) Shepard's Dell (667kb)
The pool at Shepard's Dell (217kb) Bridal Veil Falls (294kb) The stream below Bridal Viel falls (266kb) Wahkeena Falls (275kb) The bridge below Wahkeena Falls (248kb)
Base of Wahkeena Falls (266kb) Multnomah Falls (255kb) The Bridge over Multnomah Falls (215kb) The base of Upper Multnomah Falls (193kb) Horsetail Falls (265kb)